My Thoughts - Revlon's Instagram Famous Blow-dryer

You've seen it.

This ad circulating on IG about this round brush hairdryer, and it makes you wonder, does it work?

It's been something that has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I finally decided to take the bullet and try it out! The Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer is a round brush head that is supposed to give you the perfect blow out in no time. Now as easy as that sounds, there are a few reasons why I was so hesitant about purchasing.

  • 1. Reviews: The reviews online were overwhelmingly good for the most part, but some common complaints concerned me. One specific one was that the brush bristles that were plastic would tend to melt over time from the heat.

  • 2. Video Ads: Although the ads that posted on IG looked like it worked terrifically, the fault I saw was that almost every individual's hair was straight. I rarely saw any individual with kinky, curly, or wavy hair, and as someone who has a combination of all three, it made me wonder how well it would do.

  • 3. The Cost: At a whoppin' sixty dollars, this was a costly item for me, especially for a hairdryer. The one I used before was at most forty dollars and tended to last me a good few years.

Some more context, my hairdryer is not a common one.

I have never been good at juggling two different items when it comes to drying my hair. So I've been using the Con-air Inifinity Pro One Step Styler. It's very similar, but it is visually different and has three different brushes to use. It costs around fifty dollars and does the job well. Its only flaw is the brush head. Although it is interchangeable, the plastic tends to expand with time, and the head will not stay in place. I always end up putting hair ties to hold it down, and it is just a tedious issue.

Enough about my skepticism, let's jump into the reasons why I did buy it.


1. Why Not? I, for one, had my curiosity running wild. I knew my previous dryer worked, but if this could eliminate having to readjust the brush head and it working on combination curly hair, I figured it was worth a shot.

2. Reviews: As I mentioned before, the reviews were positive aside from that one main concern. So I considered that it would be worth the risk.

3. I wanted to help others in deciding if it was worth it for themselves. Especially those that have difficult curly hair.

My Review

I'm going to go over this is specifics to make it very simple.

  • Drying Time: The average time was 15-20 minutes with damp hair immediately after showering.

  • Heat: Bearable, with no signs of melting in the bristles.

  • Size: Reasonably large, but if you have issues such as Carpal Tunnel, or Arthritis the size can cause some discomfort after a while.

  • Weight: It is comfortable, doesn't take away from the styling at all.

  • Styling: Easy to style and reach the roots due to the roundness of the head.

My Final Thoughts

For the price, I can say it was an investment for me. I have a much smoother experience and, I don't have to worry about the brush head falling off all the time. I feel that this product can change the way you style forever and is worth every penny. If there is anything that I have yet to cover in this blog, feel free to leave a comment, and I can answer any questions!



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