How to clean your face mask

With CDC recommendations updated ever so often. It's known that face masks are to be worn in public to avoid contracting but mainly potentially spreading Covid-19 for those with no symptoms.
Now, don't be fooled; there are a lot of factors in choosing a face mask, which we'll cover another time. Today is all about how to wash your mask!
Step 1: Prep
Make sure you have a clean space available DAILY where you plan to clean your mask. You can have this in a washroom (if you have those fancy mudroom sinks), or in a bathroom. DO NOT make your wash area in the kitchen; your mask is your barrier for Covid-19, although it might not be 100% foolproof, it can be a determining factor. Treat your cover as if Covid-19 is all over it.
Step 2: Removing Your Mask
Beginning from the ears or behind your head, remove the mask carefully, making sure that you are not touching the front. Place the mask in the wash area, remove your carbon filter (to be cleaned separately), and place it in a container for simple transfer.
Step 3: Removing your filter
If you have purchased one of our masks, you will see a black carbon filter. Your carbon air filter is an additional barrier that can last up to 30 days when appropriately cleaned. To remove this filter, you must use one hand to open the pocket and remove carefully avoiding contact with the outer layer of the mask by all means.
Step 4: Washing
To wash the mask is much simpler than the following instruction. We prefer to hand wash to prevent potential fraying from vigorous cycles in washing machines. Use a detergent-based soap or dawn to create a good lather in warm water and begin cleaning the mask.
Step 5: Rinse
Rinse your mask with hot water until all soap is flushed out. Hang, layout, or place the mask in the dryer on a low cycle. Once dry, you can insert your carbon filter, and you're good to go!