How you can help to stop COVID-19.

How you can help to stop COVID-19.

With this pandemic on our hands, it's time we as a community step up to help beat this virus! Here I have a list of things you CAN do to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

TIP #1 | Follow the CDC Guidelines

We are all somewhat informed about the current state of the world in its battle against COVID-19, and the CDC has valuable information for everyone to follow. Follow the link here to see how to protect yourself against this virus.

TIP #2 | Treat this virus Seriously

Now you can protect yourself with the steps from the CDC, but there are other ways that we as a community can practice. Although this might be more extreme, I'm sure others may agree with its necessity.

Face Masks:

It's known that we are severely short of face masks. Hospitals throughout the country are unable to provide for their staff, thus leaving doctors and medical staff to reuse their equipment. The CDC recommends refraining from using them unless we are sick, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't create masks of our own. Knowing the nature of this virus and its 2 to 15 day incubation period, it is difficult to identify who is possibly infected. You can help your family and community by treating yourself as if you're infected.

You can find patterns to create face masks on these websites:

Creating a Quarantine Room:

A quarantine room is a good suggestion for individuals that are exposed daily to COVID-19. Essential workers can adopt this idea to help protect their homes.

For a Quarantine Room you will need:

  • Unused Space like a garage or storage room.
  • Paper/plastic disposable bags
  • Disinfecting Spray/Wipes

With a Quarantine room, you will typically leave and enter this area. You will have a bag and a spare change of clothes left in this room for when you return home. Returning home from work immediately disinfect and change attire, making sure to place dirty clothes in a plastic bag for safe transfer to the washer. 

These tips are more extreme, but when lives are at stake, there is nothing more important. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section, and be sure to follow the news and CDC updates.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash